About Idgaf.com

After having meditation experiences that started to shift how I view myself and the world, I decided to share some thoughts on meditation here.

I am new to meditation and seem to have had these experiences much earlier than might be expected.  I didn’t earn them, they just happened.  A fluke.

However, said experiences were validated by an instructor in a Tibetan  tradition.  (I mediated using an app based on a Tibetan tradition.)

It’s important to note that the instructor didn’t name my experiences.  She didn’t say what they were, though she did confirm they were real.  We agreed they  lead to a ‘loosening of the self’.

About me: I’ve been using/known as Idgaf since the early 1990s.  There is no social media presence for the website and isn’t affiliated with any social media account. This domain is not for sale.