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Blind SFV player wins tournament match.


Really interesting video.   I actually thought the blind chap was playing Akuma at first, which is either a testament to his skill or my inability to read the game.  Probably the latter.

But what I like best about this, apart from the fact a blind chap is taking part in a tourney, is that it forces us to ask questions about his tactics and therefore about the game.

It looks like he’s working on audio cues and that makes me realise I don’t pay enough attention to them, or information we can glean from them and their absence.    I know that there’s a sound when someone uses an hadoken, but I don’t know if the audio lasts for as long as the fireball is on screen.

If I closed my eyes, I could tell when a fireball was thrown – but then do I only know how far away it was if I stand still and block?  Does that mean I need to block multiple times to understand my opponent’s preference for distance?

I might watch this a few times to see what he does that looks like its happening because he’s blind – for example jumping back and punching when perhaps Akuma isn’t in range.